Knowledge is essential to build the future

Since time immemorial, nature has been able to adapt to natural changes in the ecosystem. The sedentarization of the first men our artisanal, agricultural and horticultural know-how has not ceased to evolve. Men learned to select the most suitable seeds for their local environment. This as well as a natural symbiosis these created and that our regional plants were born according to the trades, territorial specialty, food need. ​

Since the beginning of the 19th century, the biodiversity of our regions has been threatened by multiple human activities using fossil fuels to the point that certain seeds have completely disappeared, leading in its wake to the loss of our heritage, our know-how and our local, regional and national economy.​

With a view to sharing knowledge, participating in the reconstruction of life and revitalizing the territory, HEXAGRAINE is active in preserving the environment by sharing these seed collections.

100% French-made, we are developing a collection of seed boxes of useful garden plants, intended for the youngest as well as adults. Our products are aimed at all those in search of authenticity, nature and curiosity.

In addition, Hexagraine® provides everyone with DIY guides and tips for planting and transforming useful plants that can be downloaded free of charge to create all kinds of useful designs: Natural dye, Regional aperitif, Natural cordage, Vegetal paper, etc.

" Let's sow life and knowledge ! "