Box of seeds of medicinal and aromatic plants for spirits

Useful and ecological

The "Spirit Regional Aperitifs" seed box is a kit of plant seeds used to produce regional spirits. A new generation creative hobby for adults designed to learn and pass on craftsmanship. A real box of knowledge, you will learn how to sow, maintain, harvest and transform your medicinal and aromatic plants for the production of spirits with our knowledge guide (guide included).

The selected plants allow the production of many emblematic French aperitifs. The famous Pastis, Absinthe, Suze, Picon etc. to be consumed in moderation with friends and families.

Guide to growing and processing medicinal and aromatic plants into anisette, absinthe, pastis, picon

knowledge guide

Regional appetizers

  • Sowing
  • Cultivation and maintenance
  • Processing of aromatic and medicinal plants
  • Seed conservation

Create a Useful Garden

Create your utilitarian garden with the "regional appetizers" spirit seed box. Our kit of seeds of medicinal and aromatic plants allows the creation of a creative and playful garden designed to learn and transmit artisanal knowledge. A selection of non-greedy, easy-to-grow plants that can be planted in pots. Melliferous plants good for pollinating insects chosen to preserve biodiversity.

Gentian seeds for production by Suze Picon
Picon suze gentiane
"Gentiana lutea ORGANIC"
Anise seeds for the production of Pastis and Anisette
Anisette pastis
Green anise seeds
"Pimpinella anisum ORGANIC"
Wormwood seeds for liquor and spirits production
Wormwood seeds
"Artemisia absinthium ORGANIC"

Sowing your creative activities

Produce your regional aperitifs with the plant seed kit for the preparation of pastis, anisette, Suze, Picon, absinthe


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