Box of dye plant seeds

Useful and ecological

The "Colorants Primaires" artisanal dye plant seed box is a kit of plant seeds used to make natural pigments. A new generation creative leisure designed to learn and transmit craftsmanship. A real box of knowledge, you will learn how to sow, harvest and process your dye plants.

The selected plants allow to create the 3 primary colors necessary to produce the entire chromatic spectrum with the guide of the knowledge useful for the production of the colors (guide included).

Guide to growing and processing dye plants

knowledge guide


  • Sowing
  • Cultivation and harvest
  • Processing of dye plants
  • Dye and pigments

Create a Useful Garden

Create your utilitarian garden with the "primary dyes" craft seed box. Our tinctorial plant seed kit allows the creation of a creative and playful garden designed to learn and transmit artisanal knowledge. A selection of non-greedy and easy-to-grow dye plants that can be planted in pots. Melliferous plants good for bees chosen to preserve biodiversity.

Pastel seeds for the manufacture of natural blue pigments
"Isatis tinctoria ORGANIC"
Gaude seeds for the production of natural yellow pigments
Seeds of Gaude
"Réséda luteola ORGANIC"
Madder seeds for the production of natural red pigments
Madder Seeds
"Rubia tinctorum ORGANIC"

Seed your creative activities

Unleash your creativity with the tinctorial plant seed kit: paint, dye, pastel, chalk etc. Ideal for your creative hobbies

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